Coffee Versus: Consumption against specialty.




We designed the activity for men and women, with love and curiosity about coffee and its culture, its preparation and the benefit of this wonderful world. For regular consumers or neophytes who want to know and understand what a sensitivity for specialty coffee and the magic of experiences mean.


The objective of this learning is to promote the consumption of specialty coffees, demonstrating its superiority over consumer coffees and pasillas.

☕Specific goals.

The participant will learn general aspects of coffee quality, as well as, how these influence the selection processes. Additionally to this, they will learn about sensory characteristics in order to recognize a profile in the cup, making an approximation to a professional cupping.

At the end of the training, the participant will be able to distinguish with their senses, the main characteristics of the drink and will know the difference between specialty and consumption coffees, knowledge that they will apply in their next exercises and coffee purchases.


45 minutes.

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