The story of our origin

Macizo café de Altura is a Colombian company created in 2017. The name of our brand pays tribute to one of the most imposing and ancient mountain systems of the American Andes, the Colombian Massif A territory that has a declaration of biosphere heritage (year 1979) in which majestic mountain ranges and imposing rivers emerge that model and characterize a good part of the Colombian territory. These physiographic characteristics have made possible the development of a coffee culture that goes back several generations, where the best coffee in the world is grown.


Macizo café de Altura supports the work and production of Colombian farmers who grow coffee in micro lots: buying their production at fair prices to dignify their work and promote business growth local. For our production chain, coffees from different origins of the Colombian territory are selected, which undergo a rigorous roasting and cupping process, with the purpose of having traceability of our premium product for its commercialization and consumption.

Exploration of the senses

Solid height coffee encourages the capacity for sensory exploration by providing a product that, when consumed, generates the delight of textures, flavors and smells. We facilitate access to a coffee that in a single bean contains more than 200 chemical compounds from Mother Nature. These organic molecules of fruits, chocolates, spices, sweets, flowers and glitter make up a mystical product that, without a doubt, has the magic of transforming emotions.

  • Limited Collections

    Limited Collections

    Our selections are seasonal and from independent micro-lots. A factor of exclusivity, as supplies are limited.
  • Business Presentations

    Business Presentations

    Quantities for cafes and restaurants with custom grinding and frequent supply service that ensures freshness.
  • Supplies and Preparations

    Supplies and Preparations

    Our selection includes beautiful and functional supplies that enhance your experience on different levels.
  • National Shipping

    National Shipping

    Order through our digital channels, and we'll deliver any of our products to your doorstep.

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