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Our origin

We place in your hands the finest treasures from the Colombian highlands. We carefully handpick the most exquisite harvests from independent coffee farmers who specialize in their surroundings, varieties, or processes.

  • Limited collections
    Limited collections
    Our selections are seasonal and come from independent micro-lots. This adds an element of exclusivity since supplies are limited.
  • Ingredients and preparations
    Ingredients and preparations
    Our selection includes beautiful and functional ingredients that enhance your experience on different levels.
  • Business presentations
    Business presentations
    Bulk quantities for coffee shops and restaurants with custom grinding and a frequent supply service that ensures freshness.
  • Domestic shipping
    Domestic shipping
    Order through our digital channels, and we deliver any of our products to your doorstep.

Noble fruits from the source

We travel our geography in search of the best samples of our coffee culture to put in your hands varieties of the highest level, grown with unique processes and under the best conditions.

Where does our coffee come from?


  1. Codazzi


8. Timaná

9. Santa Maria

10. Acevedo


2. Oiba

3. Puente Nacional


7. Pijao


4. Pulí

5. Sasaima

6. Anolaima

11. Arbelaés

12. Pacho

13. Mesitas

14. Choachí

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