Coffee Sesion Drinks.




We have designed this is experience for coffee lovers who feel a match for the drink and its versatility in advance. For those who like to mix coffee with different products such as liquor or others and for those who love to discover new experiences on their palate and want to experience the magic of coffee as a base for preparations.


The primary objective is to promote the versatility of the coffee drink and its consumption with different products, especially liquors, creating a pleasure for the consumption of cocktails with coffee.

Specific goals.

The consumer will experience in a sensitive way how coffee can be prepared at different temperatures and how, by doing so, it can be merged with products that manage to highlight its essential characteristics and add unique profiles,

There will be advice and support throughout the experience, focusing on the likes of the consumer, preparing three cocktail drinks with coffee.

Finally, different unconventional forms of preparation will have been tested, which will lay the foundations for which the person can experiment on their own with exotic drinks based on their preferences.


2 hours 20 minutes.

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