Machine and Beverage Course.


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Introduction to the Coffee World

This experience is designed for men and women who have a love for coffee, curiosity about its culture, preparation, and the benefits of this wonderful craft in various types of businesses. It’s for regular consumers who want to share the knowledge and the magic of the experiences and sensitivity that coffee offers.

The workshop is aimed at beginners and curious individuals alike, serving as an appetizer for those who enjoy learning about coffee. It’s also suitable for tourists or foreigners interested in this flagship product of the country.

☕ Objective:

The objective of this learning is to introduce the processes and the actors involved in the operational aspects of coffee. Each module will focus on covering each of the fields that encompass coffee preparation through the senses.

☕Specific Objectives:

Participants will learn about different types of coffee, its history, plant morphology, sensory aspects, and its characteristics in the cup, both in filtered and espresso preparations.

Upon completing the training, individuals will be able to discern the major sensory characteristics with their senses. They will understand the difference between specialty coffees and consumer-grade coffees and apply this knowledge in their future coffee-related endeavors.


Six hours.

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