The Chemex is a drip method, which means that water passes through a layer of coffee and a filter, usually made of paper. The Chemex provides an incredibly clean cup of coffee; its paper filters are about 20% to 30% heavier than other filters, allowing them to retain more of the suspended oils during the extraction process and preventing solids from passing through the filter. The design and type of filter used highlight the attributes of specialty coffee, where you can clearly experience the brightness in acidity, floral and herbal notes, while maintaining a balanced body.

What do you need for the preparation?

  • Specialty Macizo Coffee Beans, preferably whole bean.
  • TGooseneck kettle (flow restrictor is optional but allows for better pour control).
  • Coffee scale.
  • Timer or stopwatch.
  • Burr grinder, preferably.
  • Chemex® brewer.
  • Chemex® paper filter.
  • 24 grams of ground Macizo coffee beans.
  • Enough water (about 500 grams) heated to just below boiling (approximately 90-95 degrees Celsius).

Now, let’s get into action!

  1. Boil good-quality water until it reaches between 90°C to 95°C.
  2. Preheating: Fold the filter, and place the folded side in the groove of the carafe, rinse the filter thoroughly to remove the paper taste, and to heat both the filter and the carafe.
  3. Grind the Macizo specialty coffee beans to a medium-coarse grind (similar to coarse sea salt). Adjust the scale and measure 24 grams of coffee, then reset it to zero.
  4. First pour, Saturation (Bloom): Start the timer and pour 80 grams of water, evenly saturating the coffee. If necessary, use a stirrer and gently agitate, ensuring all the coffee grounds are saturated.
  5. Second pour, more water: At 00:45 seconds, pour more water in a gentle spiral motion over the dark spots, avoiding the clear areas, until you reach a total of 250 grams.
  6. Third pour, All the way to the end: At 01:45 minutes, pour the remaining water until you reach a total of 380 grams. During this process, our senses already perceive the aroma and brightness of the brew, while we wait for approximately 4 minutes for the infusion to complete.
  7. Serve: Enjoy a method that will bring out the best attributes of your Macizo specialty coffee. Don’t forget to preheat the cups you’ll be serving the beverage in with some hot water.

Note: All processes are important, and the art of extraction is the final phase in the exciting world of coffee. Ensure that the temperature and grind size are appropriate to avoid over-extraction and under-extraction of coffee particles, which could deteriorate the quality of the cup.

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